All completed forms must be returned to

Purchase-Rental Application (pdf) Purchase Rental Application (word) This is 2 of 2 forms required by The Reef. If you’re purchasing (taking ownership) or renting a unit, this form is required.

Request to Modify 2020 This form is required when any modifications are going to be completed in a unit. It needs to be signed by both the owner and contractor, when applicable, and submitted to the Board for approval prior to work being started.

Voting Certificate This form is required if there will be multiple owners of a unit. A single person needs to be designated as having voting authority, all owners must sign the form.

Electronic Consent In order to electronically receive meeting and other types of notifications, Board meeting minutes, and rosters, all owners of the unit must sign this form.

Parking Request If you have a truck or motorcycle, that you will be parking at The Reef, please complete this form.