Realtor Information



Open Houses –   Please remember that two (2) Realtors are necessary for each open house.  One Realtor has to be in the lobby for access – the lobby door may not be propped open.  Open house signs must be removed after the open house.

Lock Boxes – Please use the box attached on the north wall next to the stairway entrance.

Condo Documents – Please see the condo docs tab above.  Should you need anything additional – please contact the Listing Realtor or the The Reef Board on the contact tab.

Required Forms – See Forms for the required forms for the purchase or rental of a unit. A Background Check is required for all buyers prior to closing and renters prior to moving in. The purchaser or renter needs to contact the Board Secretary and provide their names, and email addresses. An invitation will be sent from the Secretary to them. They will need to click on the link-log in, provide the necessary information, and pay for the background check via CRCD to the company directly. Once the report is completed, the Secretary will notify the Board and candidates of the results.

Faxing – We no longer accept faxes. All required forms being sent to The Reef must be sent as an attachment via email to the appropriate Board Member.

Estoppel Forms and Questionnaires: All requests to complete an Estoppel form or Questionnaire need to be sent to: There is a $100 processing fee for each, payable by the current owner.

All Condominium documents (i.e. Board Meeting Minutes and budget
information) requested by the potential Buyer, Realtor or Mortgage company are to be provided by the Owner of the Unit. All of this information is available to them via our website, when signed is as an owner. If the Board must provide this information, there is a $35 per request charge payable by the current owner.

All new owners, adult residents, and renters are required to have a background check completed. This process is completed online with the company and there is a $25 processing fee, which is paid to the company directly.